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Azerbaijan intends to solve the problems with Nagorno-Karabakh through dialogue without a third party.


22 September, 15:43

We present to you the most important statements of Abdulaeva's interview.

• Azerbaijan started its measures in response to "large-scale provocations by illegal armed groups" supported by the RA government.

• Armenia has not fulfilled its obligations to withdraw its armed forces according to the tripartite statement of November 9, 2020.

• It is necessary to distinguish between the Armenian residents of Karabakh, whom we consider our citizens, and "illegal armed groups."

• Actually, not 120,000, but 60,000 Armenians live in Karabakh, of which 10,000 are "members of informal, paramilitary forces." The civilians of Karabakh are being held hostage by these illegal armed groups.

• Azerbaijan has invited them to dialogue since the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, only one meeting was held, then the invitation to Azerbaijan was rejected twice. The last meeting held in Evlakh gave rise to optimism.

• Azerbaijan intends to solve the problems with the Armenian residents of Karabakh through dialogue and does not see the need to involve a third party.

• Genocide accusations are entirely groundless. If this is so, why does Armenia not raise this issue in the International Court of Justice? Because it is not valid.

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