Wednesday, 27 September 2023




Yerevan 20 ℃

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Azerbaijan has announced the start of "anti-terrorist measures" in Karabakh


19 September, 13:40

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan announced: "In order to ensure the provisions of the tripartite declaration, to suppress large-scale provocations in the Karabakh economic region, to disarm and withdraw the Armenian armed forces from our territories, to neutralize military infrastructures, to ensure the safety of the civilian population returning to the territories, as well as to restore the constitutional system of Azerbaijan, local anti-terrorist measures have been started in the region.

The positions of the Armenian armed formations, their long-term firing points, as well as military means and military facilities, are being taken out of action within the scope of operations using high-precision weapons on the front line and deep.

We reiterate that civilians and civilian infrastructure are not targets, only legitimate military targets are destroyed. The command of the Russian peacekeeping force and the leadership of the Turkish-Russian monitoring center were informed about the current operations.

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