Thursday, 21 September 2023




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"If you transferred rubles to Armenia, it is immediately returned in dollars." President of VTB


11 September, 11:33

"To support the ruble, it is necessary to close the gaps in withdrawing money abroad, in particular, to pay attention not only to the sending of currency but also the ruble." VTB President Andrey Kostin said in an interview with RBC:

"It is necessary to understand that we do not live in peaceful times. In addition to what we are already used to, we need additional actions to support the ruble. There are still loopholes. Suppose you decide to transfer money abroad. Restrictions have been introduced for 1 million dollars per month, and in rubles - transfer as much as you want. What will happen next? You transferred one billion to Armenia, and it is immediately returned in dollars. This opportunity, for example, should be closed," said Kostin.

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