Armenian companies also appeared in the 11th package of EU sanctions

The European Union has approved the 11th package of sanctions against Russia. According to the EU, they affected 87 companies that support Russia.

They came under sanctions.

  • More than 100 Russians, including military personnel, journalists, business people,

  • "Tsargrad," RT Balkan, Oriental Review, New Eastern Outlook, "Katekhona" news media,

  • The EU has wholly banned supplies through the northern branch of the Druzhba pipeline to Germany and Poland.

  • Banned the entry of trailers and semi-trailers from Russia, as well as the access of any tankers carrying oil from other ships into its ports,

  • The list of high-tech and military goods prohibited for transit through the territory of Russia has been expanded.

  • The EU has also banned the export of electrical components, semiconductors, optical components, navigation devices, and several metals to Russia.

  • They banned supplying new and used cars with an engine capacity of more than 1.9 liters and electric vehicles and hybrids to Russia.

  • The EU has made exceptions to export bans to maintain the CPC pipeline.

Eighty-seven new companies that appeared in the list of direct supporters of the Russian military-industrial complex in the war of aggression against Ukraine have also been sanctioned. They are subject to stricter export restrictions on dual-use and advanced technology items. In addition to the already listed Russian and Iranian entities, it now includes entities registered in China, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates, Syria, and Armenia.