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The main statements of the Chinese Foreign Minister; summary


7 March, 13:15

China's Foreign Minister Qin Gang addressed the Ukrainian conflict, US-NATO, US-China relations, and other issues within the framework of the All-China Assembly of People's Representatives session.

  • Beijing has independent judgments regarding the Ukrainian issue. We do not supply weapons to any of the parties to the conflict;

  • Relations between Russia and China are not directed against other countries.

  • If the US does not put on the brakes and continues down the wrong path, it will inevitably lead to confrontation and conflict.

  • China considers the Taiwan issue a red line, so the US should not interfere in its settlement.

  • The US Indo-Pacific strategy provokes confrontation under the pretext of regional security protection and plans to form an Asia-Pacific version of NATO.

  • China will resist any form of hegemony, cold war mentality, and bloc thinking.

  • The international community should not use the currency as a weapon for unilateral sanctions, persecution, and threats.


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