The West spent 150 billion dollars for Kyiv; Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a message on the anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

In the message, the president accuses the West of inciting war.

"The West started the war, and Russia used force to stop it. In recent decades, the West has released the genie from the bottle and thrown whole regions into chaos," said the president.

According to Putin, the West has already spent over 150 billion dollars to support Kyiv and supply it with weapons.

"At the Munich conference, endless accusations were made against Russia. And they did it just so that everyone would forget what the West has done in the last decade. They are the ones who let the genie out of the bottle and threw entire regions into chaos. 2001 As a result of the wars unleashed by the USA, 900 thousand of people died, and 38 million became refugees. The West uses Ukraine as a tool and training ground against Russia. The more long-range weapons are given to Ukraine, the more we will remove the danger from our borders," Putin said.