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"We want to restore the dialogue between Armenia and Azerbaijan." Ned Price


19 January, 8:11

During the weekly briefing, US State Affairs Spokesman Ned Price referred to Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, the possibility of organizing a new meeting, and the involvement of US officials. Price, in particular, stated: "We are going to do what is most useful. And at the end of last year, there were several meetings Secretary Blinken organized among his colleagues, trilateral meetings between Armenia and Azerbaijan. We did it at Blair House. We did it in New York. Of course, lately, we have seen a setback regarding Nagorno-Karabakh. We want to restore constructive dialogue; we are ready for bilateral cooperation. We are ready to cooperate with our partners and through them and the OSCE or to do it tripartitely, as we have done before."

Price added that holding a bilateral meeting at the head of state or foreign ministers level is up to the parties to decide.


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