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The mood, care, and history of Yerevan. "Third Republic" with Kamo Areyan (VIDEO)

The Third Republic

27 August 2023, 21:00

The guest of the "Third Republic" program is Kamo Areyan, adviser to the mayor of Yerevan. During the conversation, the speaker referred to several important events. In particular, the speaker referred to the apparent scarcity of old Yerevan neighborhoods and preserved and well-maintained buildings of historical and cultural value.

"I came from a little distance, blaming myself as well. Yerevan had a brilliant master plan, Tasmanian style; there was national and state thinking and a grand vision. It was not just a city planning document but a state-national document. I'm not afraid to give an assessment; I'm so scared to be a judge because whoever I blame from the past will say: I managed to make so many mistakes, but what did you do?

According to Areyan, they had the opportunity to preserve the city in terms of memory, "I am also guilty, it happened in front of my eyes, I was also the deputy mayor, I did not have the opportunity to influence that decision in my position, but I had my idea. That old Yerevan is a belated imitation, as if you were reproducing a child's childhood memory with watercolors on paper. What is old Yerevan anymore?"

The speaker also referred to the problems of the Kond district.

"The social aspect of Kond has surpassed the historical of Kond. There is nothing left of Kondi's history, the residents who keep their faces are gone, and it has become more of an urban planning and social burden. Of the beautiful historical tradition that Kond had, inhabited by Western Armenians, with a beautiful atmosphere, ethnography, today there is very little left."

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