Porsche released a hybrid version of "911" (PHOTOS)

Porsche has shown the first version of the 911 model with a hybrid engine. The official premiere of the novelty will take place at the end of May, but the German company has not yet announced what power unit the car will receive.

"These technologies will make the 911 more dynamic. During the development and testing of the new 911, we left nothing to chance and tested the car in all possible conditions worldwide, from the cold to the scorching sun, as was the case in the recent tests in Dubai. The new 911 confidently overcomes the most difficult problems," said Frank Moser, vice president of Porsche 911 and 718 model series development.

A press release from Porsche noted that the car was also tested at the "Northern Ring" of the "Nürburgring" and passed the Nordschleife circuit 8.7 seconds faster than its predecessor.

By comparison, Porsche's series record at the Northern Ring was set in 2021 by Lars Kern in a Porsche 911 GT2 RS Manthey Performance Kit (991.2), 6.38, 835.