The company Neuralink has implanted a neurochip in the human brain for the first time

On January 28, American billionaire Elon Musk's "Neuralink" neurotechnology company implanted a neurochip in the human brain for the first time. It is designed to use gadgets with the help of thoughts.

"Yesterday, the first person received the Neuralink implant and the recovery after the operation is going well. The first users will be people who have lost control of their limbs," Musk wrote on Twitter. He did not provide personal information about the first person with such a chip or whether he had any disease.

Musk added that Neuralink's first product is called Telepathy. It will allow a person to control the phone and computer with the power of their mind. Neuralink began recruiting volunteers for chip testing in September 2023.

During the trials, patients were implanted with a neurointerface (BCI), a microchip to control external devices with the power of thought. Patients will be able to control the computer mouse cursor or keyboard mentally. The testing process will take about six years. Until then, chip research was conducted on animals.