England players are surprised and shocked by Southgate's decision

Earlier, it became known that the "Manchester City" winger was not included in the final list of the England team.

As the Telegraph writes, the national team players are shocked by Gareth Southgate's decision to remove Grealish from the roster for the European Championship. According to the source, one of the senior team members personally addressed the coach to try to understand his decision and explain it to his teammates.

It is said that there is no hint of bickering or conflict within the team. However, the players were shocked by the manager's decision, with some of them going to Grealish for support afterward, telling him he should have been in the squad.

It's worth noting that Grealish has been a significant part of the England team in the last two major tournaments, Euro-2020 and the 2022 World Cup, which further underlines the impact of his exclusion from the current squad.