"It's hard for me to stay in the football world." Mkhitaryan gave a briefing

Henrikh Mkhitaryan, the former captain of Inter and the Armenian national team, was a guest on Andrea Ranokia's "Frog Talks" podcast and talked about his life and his journey.

From the first day at Inter, I always felt in a familiar place, as if I had already been here in another life with the same teammates and fans. It shocked me. I didn't understand how that was possible. I speak five languages: Armenian, Russian, English, French, and Italian. I forgot German because it was tough; I only got good at it in Dortmund in my third year. I have enjoyed chess off the field. It allows me to think, understand how to move and where to go, and try to predict the opponent's next steps," said Mkhitaryan.

Mkhitaryan also noted that he has two higher educations and has managed to serve in the army.

To Ranokia's humorous question, how old is he to achieve all this? "Eighty?" Mkhitaryan answered. "My passport says I'm 35 years old."

The team captain also spoke about his future: "I have so many plans. I will hardly stay in the world of football. There is a lot to learn in life; you can't live only by football. First, I want to spend more time with my family and friends. Then I want to learn things that will be useful in life."