Ancelotti has yet to confirm his intention to stay at Real Madrid

Real will not fire Carlo Ancelotti, but the club is unhappy with the results of La Liga.

As written, Florentino Perez will meet with Carlo Ancelotti next week to discuss plans for the next season. The president of Real wants to know firsthand what excites the coach.

There is no doubt in "Madrid" that Ancelotti will continue until the end of the current contract in 2024. However, Carlo still has a job offer from the Brazilian national team, so the coach must confirm his intention to stay in Real Madrid during a personal meeting with Perez.

The management of Real Madrid believes that this season the team performed well in the Copa del Rey, did well in the Champions League, and did poorly in the league.

It is said that Real considers it unacceptable that the team stopped fighting for the championship more than a month ago. The coaching staff only requires consistent wins in some competitions, but the management wants the team to compete for trophies. It was successful in the Champions League but not in La Liga. This was the primary demand from Ancelotti.