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Eric Saghatelyan, champion of the European Junior Sambo Championship


15 September, 23:29

The European Sambo Championship started in Novi Sad, Serbia, and is held in three age groups: youth, youth, and adults. This time athletes from 24 countries of the Old World arrived at the competition.

According to the Executive Committee of the International Sambo Federation, the athletes of Russia and Belarus perform not under the flag of their countries but the banner of the International Sambo Federation under the conventional names FIAS-1 and FIAS-2.

The youngsters fought on the mats on the first day of the competition. 4 athletes of the Armenian national team won medals.

Anna Ayvazyan won a bronze medal in the girls' 47 kg category, Robert Simonyan in the boys' 53 kg category and Aghvan Petrosyan in the 98 kg category took second place, and super heavyweight Erik Saghatelyan won all the wrestling events and became the champion of the European Championship.

The Sambo Federation of Armenia reported that young people would compete tomorrow.