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I will advise Saakashvili not to advise or to change the addressee. Arsen Kharatyan

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18 October 2023, 11:40

Journalist, conflict analyst, and public-politician Arsen Kharatyan wrote on his Facebook page.

"Former President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili addressed Nikol Pashinyan with an open letter. He says: Nikol, you don't have time. Now, announce the withdrawal from the CSTO, CIS, and Eurasian and take the path to joining the EU and NATO.
He says it well from my heart, but he will have to explain why his 10-year policy, which has taken that path, has not led Georgia to join these structures.

But this is still aside. The most extraordinary cynicism is the advice to conclude a peace treaty with Azerbaijan, where he says the following: "You should make an open declaration and immediately sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan."

Saakashvili said that not a day passes without Pashinyan announcing his readiness to sign a peace treaty with Azerbaijan and from Western platforms. It is his old friend Aliyev who not only does not want peace through Western mediation, but spitting in the face of the West, he does not go anywhere on Putin's side and speaks of "peace" through the mediation and representation of Russia's interests.

By the way, in September of this year, Saakashvili not only revealed the ethnic cleansing policy of Baku but also congratulated Aliyev and the people of Azerbaijan with undisguised delight on the depopulation of Artsakh. Even now, he reserves the right to explain "how important it is to achieve peace."
I will advise the former president to refrain from writing open letters. If he wants to do something good, I urge him to contact the actual addressee of his council, Ilham Aliyev, and to go to Brussels at the end of this month to discuss a peace treaty with Pashinyan. 

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