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The border with Nakhichevan is delimited by the Kars Agreement

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24 May, 22:15

The former deputy of the NKR Central Committee, publicist Vahram Atanesyan, wrote on his Facebook page.

"I've said it once; I'll repeat it. The annexes attached to the Moscow Russian-Turkish and Kars agreements delimited the border with Nakhichevan. The delimitation was made according to the General Staff of Tsarist Russia maps. Is there Jafarlu or Kyarki, or Jafarlu-Gunnut under Nakhkray? There is none. So there is no Azerbaijani enclave in the Ararat region. There should be no new delimitation and demarcation of the border with Nakhichevan. If the agreements between Moscow and Kars are invalid, what is the basis of Baku's jurisdiction over Nakhichevan?"