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The exploitation of Amulsar is, unfortunately, delayed, but still a necessary step today; Badalyan

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22 February, 15:35

Political commentator Hakob Badalyan wrote on his Facebook page.

"The Minister of Economy announced that the government will sign an agreement with the Lydian company on the resumption of operation of Amulsar.

Back in early July 2020, I had a private conversation on Facebook with one of my very esteemed (and I mean all friends and followers) friends, with whom I consider it an honor to be friends on Facebook, the occasion of which was an issue that I had at the time. The assessment was made.

During that conversation, I mentioned that I am afraid that after 2018, we may pay a very high price for the situation created around Amulsar and the blocking of that significant investment project.
I consider these large-scale programs in the economic-political whole. They are essential in international politics and condition many shades of behavior.

One of the most significant Western investment projects was blocked in Armenia, which also had military-political consequences. It was one of the big mistakes of the political government formed after 2018.

And the question arises: where were the forces that "swear" in the name of the West every day after November 2020? Where were they when there was a need for objective, practical, almost the only tangible and significant example of cooperation between Armenia and the West, responsible positioning when US ambassadors and other diplomats directly announced the prospect of Western investments in Armenia depended on that investment program?

And what was the footnote to those statements? The bottom line was that these objective examples would show how ready we are for responsible partnership, not declarative lyricism or primitive anti-Russianism.

By the way, the issue of Amulsar in Armenia went through an "odyssey" of years, but when did the construction of the mine start, three months after the four-day event in April 2016?
On April 20, 2022, when the Prime Minister of Armenia left for Moscow, and the day before that, the famous joint statement with the President of the Russian Federation was published, Amulsar reminded the US Ambassador to Armenia, Lynn Tracy, about "Lidian" again.

And again, "stone silence" because it was not about the occasion of lyric poetry, let's say, for example, "the ambassador went to Syunik and saved Syunik with that visit." The event was supposed to imply political responsibility on a not-so-popular but substantive topic.

This is one of the "anatomical" episodes of the internal political life of Armenia.

And the exploitation of Amulsar is late, but today it is a necessary step, both economically and politically."


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