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The question arises: do the citizens of Azerbaijan like the politics of their country, and are they satisfied with the suffering of innocent children in Artsakh? David Babayan

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22 January, 13:33

Advisor to the President of the Republic of Artsakh, and representative of the President's special assignments, Davit Babayan, wrote on his Facebook page.

"Such a policy is very similar to the torture of people when the torture and beatings are interrupted for a while and then resume again. A question arises: do ordinary citizens of Azerbaijan like this policy? Are they satisfied with the suffering of innocent children of Artsakh? Is this a pious act for them or a sin? Will ordinary citizens of Azerbaijan be happier if an innocent child or older man dies because of all this? Will sin ever be forgiven? These questions are not only philosophical but also reasonably practical and vital. After all, life and history are exciting and unpredictable concepts..."