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The "Middle Corridor" can only be activated by consensus creating a grand world order

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25 November, 20:48

Vahram Atanesyan, a former member of the NKR National Assembly and political analyst, wrote on his Facebook page:

"Let's make a record that Ilham will applaud "Zangezur Corridor" until his jaw is tied. But there will be no extraterritorial corridor. No one is interested in it, not even Turkey. Ilham admitted that there is no problem "restoring communication between the western regions of Azerbaijan and Nakhichevan." We are talking about a global-geopolitical project. And in that case, "the right of the victor in the war" is zero. The "Middle Corridor" can be launched only in the event of an agreement creating a grand world order. No matter how strange it sounds, it is a tool of Armenia's security. You have to be able to use it correctly and on time."