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The Armenian side should make UNESCO's decisions regarding Azerbaijan a subject of discussion

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17 November, 11:08

Vahram Atanesyan, a former member of the NKR National Assembly and political analyst, wrote on his Facebook page:

"Azerbaijan exiled conflict expert Arif Yunusov made a sensational revelation that Mehriban Aliyeva refused the title of UNESCO goodwill ambassador due to the discovery of a corruption deal. According to Yunusov, whenever UNESCO organized an event dedicated to Azerbaijan, 100-200 thousand euros were transferred from Baku to the bank account of Kalin Mitrov, husband of Bulgarian Irina Bokova, the general director of the structure. Bokova earned a total of 790 thousand dollars in her position and bought an apartment in New York worth 2.4 million dollars, paying in person. The transaction was revealed, and Mehriban Aliyeva was advised to resign from UNESCO to avoid noisy revelations. This post by Yunusov should be spread as widely as possible; the Armenian side can consult with the relevant bodies so that the legality of UNESCO's decisions regarding Azerbaijan, as well as the indifference of that structure to the Armenian cultural heritage that came under the Azerbaijani occupation after the forty-four-day war, become the subject of discussion.

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