The moral position of Tehran regarding the territorial integrity of RA was emphasized

Gevorg Papoyan, deputy of the RA National Assembly and head of the Armenia-Iran friendship group, wrote on his Facebook page:

"During the visit to Iran of the Armenia-Iran friendship group of the Armenian National Assembly, we met with Alireza Mesri, the vice-chairman of the Iranian Mejlis, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Seyed Mehdi Farshadan, the chairman of the Iran-Armenia friendship group of the Mejlis, and the members of the group, Mohammad Reza Purebrahimi, the chairman of the economic committee, the agriculture committee President Mohammad Javad Askari, Minister of Industry, Trade and Mines Reza Fatemi Amin and Vice Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Affairs Committee of the Majlis Ebrahim Azizi.

In the meetings with Alireza Mesri, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, Ebrahim Azizi, and Seyed Mehdi Farshadan, Iran's principled position regarding the inevitable need to protect Armenia's internationally recognized borders and territorial integrity and to condemn the recent military aggression undertaken by Azerbaijan was emphasized. The issues of deepening cooperation on international platforms, developing strategic dialogue with Iran, and deepening economic cooperation were addressed.

We have discussed many issues of the bilateral agenda with the officials of the economic sphere, such as the construction of the third Armenia-Iran power transmission line, the possibility of increasing Iranian investments in the Syunik region, the extension of the terms of the gas-electricity project and the increase in volumes, the possibility of importing energy carriers, the "Persian Gulf-Black Sea" transport network. The issues of agreeing on the corridor, the problems of involving Iranian organizations in the construction of the "North-South" road corridor, the possibility of eliminating bottlenecks during cargo transportation, the facilitation of passenger transportation, increasing the trade turnover to 1 billion dollars shortly, cooperation in the field of agriculture, the organization of joint productions, the implementation of collaborative projects in the field of mining, food security issues, etc.