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The absolute monopoly of the preventive factor belongs to the army. Samvel Babayan issued a statement

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13 September, 14:05

Samvel Babayan, the former commander of the Artsakh Armed Forces, issued a statement that specifically states:

"Azerbaijan, taking advantage of geopolitical processes and taking into account the experience of Nagorno Karabakh, has taken offensive actions against the Republic of Armenia today.
Guided by the principle that the end justifies the means, Azerbaijan will continuously use force to extract the maximum from the Armenian side. In this context, the Armenian peace plan is not equivalent to the realities recorded in practice.
A regular and combat-ready army is the guarantor of the state's sovereignty, territorial integrity, the people's physical security, and the country's socio-economic development. Therefore, the Armenian plan should be reviewed immediately. To end the inglorious attempts to rely on the international community, edit the defense policy and form armed forces adequate to the Pan-Armenian challenges and threats.
Instead of eliminating the consequences of periodic attacks on Armenia, they should be prevented. And the absolute monopoly of that preventive factor belongs to the army. Attempts to prove the opposite and excuses in this regard are amateur-partisan approaches.