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Azerbaijan is planning another border provocation. Marukyan

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12 September, 10:19

Edmon Marukyan, RA ambassador with special assignments, wrote on his Facebook page.

"During the last week, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan has been spreading false statements almost every day, as if the Armenian forces fired in different directions of the contact line, and they took steps, after which the fire was silenced.
Naturally, the relevant Armenian departments deny those rumors, noting that no Armenian side's military unit opened fire in Azerbaijan's direction.
Many people ask why Azerbaijan organizes and consistently implements this disinformation. We all know that when Azerbaijan plans another border provocation, before carrying it out, it contains a false basis of informational legitimization of this provocation.
All actors of the international community interested in the Armenian-Azerbaijani peace process and the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict should follow very carefully and realize that once again, Azerbaijan has started a preparatory process of provocation.
In this situation, a targeted international response can prevent this new provocation from being prepared."