Four forces propose holding a referendum on EU membership

The "Republic," "For the Republic," "Christian Democratic," and "European" parties, which formed the "Platform of Democratic Forces," propose to hold a referendum in Armenia in the next 3-4 months on submitting an application for full membership of Armenia in the European Union. Leaders of four parties met with journalists today and presented their vision.

Aram Sargsyan, chairman of the "Republic" party, said that the referendum proposal is one of the most effective mechanisms to get out of Russia's pocket. "During the entire biography of the Third Republic of Armenia, there has not been any real and serious proposal for the future, and our proposal for integration with Europe is the only one that has long-term future-oriented motivations and context," he said, adding that it is about the perspective of hundreds of years. Sargsyan also said they are not presenting a request to the authorities but a proposal.

Arman Babajanyan, the chairman of the "For the Republic" party, said there is no better way to respond to this turbulent geopolitical period than to hold a referendum, "It speaks of our political maturity and prudence."