Short rain is expected in some regions

On the territory of the republic on June 13 and 14, in the afternoon of the 17th in some regions, and in the afternoon of the 16th, short rain and thunderstorms are expected in most regions; on June 16 - intense in some parts, on the 13th and 14th, 16th and 17th in separate sections, hail is also possible. Rainless weather is expected on June 15.

The wind is northwesterly at 2-4 m/s; during a thunderstorm, wind intensification at a speed of 18-23 m/s is expected. The air temperature will gradually rise by 5-7 degrees on June 13-15.

In Yerevan on the evenings of June 13 and 17, a short rain and thunderstorm are expected in the afternoon of the 16th. During the thunderstorm, the wind will increase at a speed of 16-20 m/s. Weather without precipitation is expected on June 14 and 15.