The Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs thanked the Council of Europe

Within the framework of the programs "Strengthening the Protection of the Rights of Persons Deprived of Liberty" and "Support in Armenia by Strengthening the Probation Service," a regular meeting of the coordinating council was held, in which Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Arpine Sargsyan participated.

On behalf of the government, Sargsyan thanked the Council of Europe and domestic bodies for their efforts, activating cooperation and forming an agenda with joint efforts.

He emphasized the importance of documenting the apparent manifestations of ill-treatment in detention facilities under the Istanbul Protocol. The deputy minister also stressed the need for a full review of the law on the development of ambulance capacity and the detention of arrested and detained persons.

The head of the Council of Europe office in Yerevan, Maxim Longange, reaffirmed the Council of Europe's readiness to support the ongoing reforms in criminal justice.

"2023-2026 The reforms implemented within the action plan framework aim to bring the prison and probation services in line with international standards. We are making efforts to finalize the necessary initiatives in this direction. At the same time, we highly appreciate the efforts aimed at documenting information on ill-treatment and torture," Maxim Longange said in his speech.

Tanja Rakusic-Hadzic, the head of the CE cooperation department on issues of ethics and deprivation of liberty, referred to the practical cooperation with the interested state structures, joint achievements within the framework of the programs, and upcoming steps.

During the meeting, the works of the programs "Strengthening the protection of the rights of persons deprived of their liberty" and "Support in the strengthening of the Probation Service in Armenia," carried out during January-May, were presented.

The results were summarized, and the effective implementation of the programs was discussed. The programs' 7-month work plans were approved. Deputy Minister of Health Levon Hakobyan and representatives of interested state bodies also participated in the coordinating council meeting.