Showers and thunderstorms are expected

On the afternoons of May 23 and 27, short-term rain and thunder are expected in some regions of the republic's territory. On May 24-26, rain and thunder are expected occasionally throughout the republic, and they are intense in some areas. Hail is also possible.

The wind is south-westerly at 2-5 m/s. During a thunderstorm, wind intensification at a speed of 18-23 m/s is expected. The air temperature will rise by 2-4 degrees in the afternoon of May 23 and gradually decrease by 4-6 degrees in the afternoon of May 24-25.

In Yerevan on May 23, in the afternoon, and in the evening of May 27, short-lasting rain and thunder are possible. On May 24-26, on the night of the 27th, rain and thunderstorms are expected from time to time, in some areas intense. Hail is possible, and wind intensification during thunderstorms at a speed of 16-20 m/s.