Team Solutions presented the Zangezor program at the 4Future Banking international conference

The 4Future Banking international conference in Armenia brought together around 150 experts from the world's leading banks. They shared their experience and knowledge of the constantly developing banking industry. During the event, Team Solutions presented the Zangezor product, which provides a complete solution for contact centers.

Introducing the direction of the company's activities, Tatevik Avagyan, the director of Team Solutions, noted that they specialize in developing electronic systems for public administration and software solutions aimed at the private sector.

Among many implemented and ongoing projects, the company also develops its products, among which Zangezor occupies a special place. The latter is a unified system for processing and serving messages received from calls, e-mails, short messages, and soon also from social platforms, which facilitates the service process of service providers, giving customers the fastest and most comprehensive response possible.

"The flexibility of the system enables Zangezor to be adapted to the business processes of companies of any sector, as well as to be integrated with the company's internal systems, significantly increasing customer service efficiency," said project manager Liana Ter-Avetisyan.

"Taking into account the unprecedented developments in the technological sphere these days, naturally, we also try to develop products that are in line with the times and provide innovative solutions for our customers. We want to enter the international market as well," Tatevik Avagyan added.

Implementing the artificial intelligence toolkit in the system is also in the testing stage.

The 4Future Banking event served as a platform for industry professionals to exchange ideas, discuss emerging trends, and explore innovative approaches to meeting customers' evolving demands in the digital age.

During the panel discussion and keynotes, speakers touched on essential topics such as balancing physical and digital customer experiences, securing customer loyalty in the digital age, maintaining strong customer relationships, and more.

Team Solutions is part of the Team Group of Companies.