At the moment, it is entirely positive for our benefit. Kirants administrative head

In a conversation with, the administrative head of Kirants, Kamo Shahinyan, gave details of the border demarcation process in Kirants.

"We have a height called "Khachilar," which is right on the cross; they lowered 25 meters from there, for which I am especially grateful to the people who could do it. Now, the village part remains, which is the most painful place. The river also brought down the land we lost by 9.5 ha; not a centimeter of our land passes. In the back part, there are three privatized lands of 4500 m; if you take them in a straight line, they will fall into them, but they said that they will do it in such a way that instead of a straight line, they will pass through a bracket, it will remain for us. Now we are waiting for the village and the bridge. These are at the stage of negotiations. Items 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 have been done, and we are not losing a single centimeter of land, and 12, 13, and 14 remain; nothing has been delivered. There were 15 people in their village, and that was their territory. They do not have privatized land passes, but I am satisfied with what has happened so far. As of now, it is completely positive and in our interest."