Armenia is a regional fintech center; the Doing Digital 2024 forum was held

On April 3, the annual Doing Digital International Forum took place. For the 2nd year in a row, Armenia hosts the leading specialists in the financial technology sector, who share their experience and forecasts of the industry.

The main speaker of the forum was Brett King, an Australian futurist, author of bestselling books, and founder of the world's first mobile banking platform. Among the speakers were Martin Galstyan, Chairman of the RA Central Bank; Davit Hovhannisyan, Director of Information Technologies at Ameriabank; Rasmus Nielsen, Risk and Financial Consultant at Deloitte; Dirk Olmayer, Executive Director of Just Better, People Growth Organization; and others. During the forum, issues such as the imperatives of the digital world, the need for possible solutions for digitization in the public and private sectors, the prospects of legal regulation of cryptocurrencies, and the technological future of the banking sector were discussed.

The SPRING PR company organized the forum. For the second year in a row, Ameriabank is attending the forum, this time as a fintech partner. In his speech, Armine Ghazaryan, the company's director of talent management and services, emphasized the importance of the human factor in successfully overcoming the challenges of digital transformation and maintaining competitiveness in a dynamically developing world.

"Digital transformation is essentially about people. Technology alone cannot get us to the ultimate goal. Digital transformation is about people who drive change and create the future. After all, the only way to predict the future is to create it. I can proudly say that Ameria is an excellent example of creating a digital future," said Armine Ghazaryan.

The speaker also referred to Ameriabank's vision and goals.

"Looking back on the past year, it is clear that we have set ambitious goals to position Armenia as a regional fintech hub. Today, I proudly announce that Ameriabank is realizing its vision and expanding its horizons. We are now pioneers in integrating into the global fintech ecosystem. However, with any change, it is necessary to remember the driving force that is the cornerstone of any transformation. And the mandatory component of that strength is courage. Be courageous to believe in your strengths, admit your weaknesses, dream, share, grow with your team daily, initiate new changes, and open new doors of opportunity. In this context, we consider it our mission to make America a regional center of innovation and technology," said Armine Ghazaryan in his speech.

In 2023, 98% of Ameriabank's transactions will be digital. The bank was also the first in Armenia to digitize complex transactions, particularly mortgage lending.