Fastex organizes virtual concerts in "Cerebrum" virtual Yerevan (PHOTOS)

It is already the third week that Cerebrum has been organizing cultural and entertainment events in virtual Yerevan. During the events, the performers and the audience communicate and share feelings through their personal avatars according to the rules of the virtual reality genre.

The most sought-after representatives of Armenian show business perform in the Fastexverse virtual domain, where the "Cerebrum" virtual Yerevan is located. It is the first of its kind in Armenia, aiming to become the most innovative platform for the development of various fields in the virtual domain in our country.

The first event, which was the first in Armenia in that format, took place on February 29. It was a concert by the 3.33 group. The second was already a stand-up show performed by comedians Edo Hovsepyan, Armen Sargsyan, and Andranik Hambardzumyan. It was held on March 15. The third was the solo concert of Iveta Mukuchyan, which took place on March 22.

"Cerebrum," a virtual Yerevan, also makes interactive communication between audience and artist possible during events. Participants can ask the performers questions and satisfy their interest. Fastexverse intends to allow the public to have exciting entertainment in "Cerebrum," a virtual Yerevan, every week. This is an excellent opportunity to discover the metaverse, master modern digital marketing tools, and have fun in virtual time. As they say, combine the pleasant with the useful.

By the way, compared to the real ones, tickets for virtual events are essentially affordable and accessible to everyone. Moreover, the number of participants has registered a dynamic increase from the first event to the last, which covers about three weeks. If around 130 spectators with her avatar attended the first concert, the number of participants at Iveta Mukuchyan's last concert almost tripled.

Next, the virtual solo concert of Aram MP3 is expected in "Cerebrum" virtual Yerevan.