Mirzoyan visited the Argentine Council of International Relations

RA Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan visited the Argentine Council of International Relations.

Minister Mirzoyan met with the council chairman, Francisco de Santibanes, and the management staff, after which Ararat Mirzoyan made a note in the guestbook of honor.

Next, the head of the RA foreign political department participated in a thorough discussion with the council members and guests. In his introductory speech, Ararat Mirzoyan referred to the dynamics of Armenia-Argentina interstate relations, the political dialogue agenda, and the main directions with potential for the development of cooperation discussed within the framework of his visit and during previous high-level contacts.

In the discussion and question-and-answer format, Minister Mirzoyan also referred to broader issues related to RA's foreign policy and the security situation in the South Caucasus.

Regarding the RA's foreign policy priorities, Minister Mirzoyan emphasized that they are based on continuously strengthening the RA's statehood and sovereignty and ensuring a stable development environment for the RA. Features and perspectives of the regulation of relations with neighboring countries, interaction with other countries, and structures with a broad geography were presented.