"It's like you're closing the case of March 1?" Andranik Kocharyan to Grigor Minasyan (VIDEO)

NA KP faction deputy Andranik Kocharyan asked RA Justice Minister Grigor Minasyan a question at the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs session, saying that some time ago, they had a closed working discussion about prisons.

"We had a very sharp conversation, and we presented to the head of the National Security Service, Ambakum Grigoryan, shocking facts that should be recorded in the form of an official investigation and carried out by the MoH," he said, adding: "When our colleague Sergey Atomyan was appointed the head of the National Security Service, we thought we were starting a large-scale reform process. But when Ambakum Grigoryan was appointed adviser, I was shocked. Being a member of the fact-finding group, I knew very well what activities the investigative group carried out in the "March 1" cases, and the investigator in question was one of the most important investigators of Vahagn Harutyunyan; he became a deputy from an adviser and then became the head of the Central Intelligence Agency. My perceptions may be sharp. But are you closing the "March 1" page, as it were, or is it open? In that case, the investigators who participated in those cases should be studied in detail before being appointed."

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