The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications inspected "Jermuk Group," and no violations were found during the inspection.

The RA food safety inspection body is inspecting the "Jermuk Group" company, which produces "Jermuk" mineral water, to contribute to the disclosure of the circumstances of the unfortunate incident recorded in the Russian Federation.

During the inspection, it was found that the food products were identified by name, visual, sensory, and analytical methods. It has been clarified that no materials and accessories are stored in production buildings except for detergents and disinfectants necessary for the current washing and disinfection of production buildings and equipment.

Accepted raw materials met safety requirements and had documents certifying safety. The raw materials and components used during the production of food products were stored in conditions that prevented their spoilage and ensured their protection from pollutants.

It has been made clear that dangerous and contaminated food and dangerous substances in direct contact with food are not produced. All grounds have been presented, which justify that during the implementation of the production processes of "Jermuk" mineral water, the procedures based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) were developed, implemented, and maintained by the manufacturer.

As a result of the inspection, no violations were found.