RA Armed Forces doctors participate in the exercise conducted by US ground troops

From August 28 to September 23, the staff of the mobile field hospital of the Military Medical Department of the RA Armed Forces is participating in the multinational military exercise "Merged Sword-2023" held at the military base located in the city of Hohenfels, Federal Republic of Germany.

17 countries are participating in the exercise. RA Armed Forces doctors and medics join in the training conducted by the US Ground Forces Medical Service. The movement aims to organize the quick and safe evacuation of the wounded by helicopter under natural conditions.

The medical personnel of the Armenian field hospital, in groups formed with the American side, carry out the evacuation of the wounded under challenging conditions, get acquainted with the sanitary unique air means of evacuation of the medical service of the US Army, as well as the capabilities and equipment of ground armored equipment for medical evacuation. The next stage of the exercise will start on September 8.