Independence is not based on declarations; very concrete phenomena form sovereignty. Hakob Badalyan

Political commentator Hakob Badalyan wrote on his Facebook page:

"Since the restoration of independence, how many dollar millionaires will be formed in Armenia who manage tens of millions of dollars, if not hundreds of millions?"

There may be several dozen such figures.
During that time, how many of them allocated several tens of thousands of their tens of millions per month to create socio-political thought to form a highly qualified think tank or a media at a professional height? Whether broadcast, printed, or online.

Yes, there was no Armenian market demand for all that; it could not be profitable, but I am talking about the internal order of those people. Apart from the luxuries of their lives—the number of Bentleys, the height and length of the castles, and other such things—what else did they demand inside? What did they think about, of course, apart from the formalities of "the people"?

Have they considered setting an institutional precedent for intellectual, value-based quality? Is there such an example?
Instead, there are thousands of examples, accumulated over decades, of how money was spent in the press to commission various gossips against each other or to create primitive odes to their activities.

This has been the sad picture of the so-called economic elite, or big owners, regardless of political sympathies or orientations. The fate of Armenia is not only distorted by the political elites but also by this class, willingly or unwittingly, because many of them did not sincerely realize that there can be other values and landmarks besides the material ones.

Independence is not based on declarations; freedom is formed by peculiar phenomena or is crippled and manipulated by very specific phenomena, leaving statehood only to hope for various political-propaganda "declarations" that have one goal. To appoint scapegoats, past, present, and future.".