A chance of showers and thunderstorms

On August 21-26 in Yerevan, in the Ararat Valley, in the foothills of Aragatsotn, Kotayk, Vayots Dzor, in the valleys of Syunik and Tavush, a high-level fire danger situation will be maintained.

In the territory of the Republic:

In the late evening of August 21, in the night and afternoon of August 22, and in the afternoon of August 24, on the 25th, short rain and thunder are expected occasionally in some regions, and hail is possible in some places. Rainless weather is expected on August 23 and 26.

The wind will be from the west at 2-5 m/s; during a thunderstorm, the wind will increase at 18-22 m/s.

The air temperature will rise by 2-3 degrees on August 21 and gradually decrease by 3-5 degrees on August 24-25.

In the city of Yerevan:

Weather without precipitation is expected on the afternoon of August 21, 23-24, and 26. On August 22 and 25, short-lasting rain and thunder are possible in some parts of the city in the evening hours. On August 21-26, wind intensification is expected at a speed of 15-18 m/s in the evening hours.