Thursday, 30 March 2023




Yerevan 10 ℃

հայ Рус

Precipitation, wind intensification are expected


21 February, 9:00

On the territory of the republic, precipitation is expected in the afternoon of February 21, in the evening of the 23rd, in some regions on the 24th, in the night and morning hours of the 21st, in the majority of the areas, in the form of rain and sleet in the valley zones. Weather without precipitation is expected on the afternoon of February 22, the night of the 23rd, and the 25th.

The wind is southwesterly, 4-6 m/s; on February 23, wind intensification is expected: 20-25 m/s; on the 22nd - 25-30 m/s. The air temperature will not change significantly.

Precipitation is expected in Yerevan on the night and morning hours of February 21. Weather without rainfall is expected on February 22-25.


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