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We received specific signals or information from the President of the Russian Federation. prime minister


24 November, 12:49

Nikol Pashinyan referred to the "Armenian Crossroads" program at the government meeting, giving some details. "If what we learned and agreed upon yesterday, if everything does not deviate from its logic, shortly, we may need to make a big contribution within the framework of the "Armenian Crossroads" project, particularly in the field of railway rehabilitation."

Pashinyan considered it happy to have such opportunities. "I am sure that international partners will show great interest in this project. It is about the following. During our talks with the President of the Russian Federation yesterday, we received certain signals or information, which means that there may be a significant and serious opportunity for us to return and start the rehabilitation of the railway. We are talking about the Horadiz-Meghri-Ordubad-Sadarak-Yerask railway, but I say again, taking into account the previous bitter experience, now I want to share the information and say that all this still needs to be reconfirmed and recorded, but the good thing is, that we will not have a problem with financial opportunities," Pashinyan said.