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Inflation rates remain high. The minister emphasized the policy of high-interest rates of the Central Bank


16 November, 12:10

RA Finance Minister Tigran Khachatryan referred to inflation in Armenia.

According to the minister, the inflation rate continues to be high, around 9 percent. In this regard, Khachatryan emphasized the continuation of the policy of high-interest rates of the Central Bank. "This year's inflation rate remains high, being around 9 percent. It is logical that during 2023, the Central Bank should continue the policy of high-interest rates, striving to return to the 4 percent statutory rate for inflation at the end of next year."

The minister also noted that "there are also predictions of positive changes in the global environment, including the decrease in global food prices, the increase in the reliability of logistics services from international transportation markets, and the decrease in their prices. These factors can be favorable for the activation of foreign trade and its economic growth during 2023."