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Thirteen shells were fired in the Vaghatur community. HRD of RA


17 September, 20:58

The HRD fact-finding group is in the Syunik region, where it records the damage caused by the aggression of the Azerbaijani armed forces between September 13-15.

As a result of shelling in the Karashen settlement of the enlarged local community, the village ceremony hall was damaged, near which the school and the community hall building are located. Due to the targeting of the village, some of the residents left the town.

Thirteen shells were fired in the Vaghatur community, resulting in the building of the community hall, 4-5 houses, and gardens being damaged. It was recorded that domestic animals were also injured: two cows died and wounded animals.

A fire of varying intensity was opened in the community on the night of September 13-14, between 12:10 and 12:30. The work of the HRD fact-finding group in the region continues.