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Armenian armed forces took back 6 positions


16 September, 12:10

Andranik Kocharyan, chairman of the RA NA Standing Committee on Defense and Security Affairs, informed us that the Armenian Armed Forces have taken back 6 positions.

According to him: "Any area where we were represented was of strategic importance. And with these actions, it is most likely noticeable that Azerbaijan is trying to further improve its border positions before entering the demarcation stage. But after that, there were positions that, as a result of our actions, returned to our control; we are talking about 6 positions. This may change again."

Kocharyan stressed the importance of keeping the ceasefire regime so that the forces of the Armenian side can go to the stage of reorganization, the losses will be restored, and the reserves will go to the stage of preparation. According to him. "These reactions on international platforms are directly related to the implementation of clear defensive actions of our Armed Forces. If we didn't fight the way we did, there wouldn't be such reactions."