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It is relatively peaceful in Sisian now.


14 September, 13:24

In a conversation with Radar Armenia, the Sisian municipality reported, "At the moment, there is a relatively peaceful situation in Sisian, there are no sounds of gunfire, but a few hours ago, it was the opposite."

"From 5:30 in the morning, deafening noises were heard from Ishkhanasar, which continued until 8 o'clock," said the municipality, noting that there were no civilian casualties.

According to the Sisian municipality, there are no damaged infrastructures as of 01:00 at night, and there is no new information.

It should be noted that the RA Ministry of Defense reported that the enemy is intensively shelling the Armenian positions and border settlements in the direction of Jermuk and Upper Shorzha. In contrast, the intensity of the firefight in other rules has weakened.

Hayk Magoyan