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The state spends 3-5 million dollars annually on postal deliveries alone


12 September, 11:38

Ashot Muradyan, deputy chairman of the RA SRC, informed that every citizen who receives an identification card in Armenia also gets an email address from the state. However, according to him, not only the users of that address are very few, but even those who know about it.

Armen Khachatryan, deputy of the KP faction of the National Assembly, also mentioned that according to the most approximate calculation, the state spends only 3-5 million dollars a year on postal deliveries. According to him, in 30-40 percent of cases, postal notifications do not reach the addressees, and the citizen does not receive the necessary information. In the case of using an electronic system, the option of not receiving notifications will be almost excluded.

Ashot Muradyan, Deputy Chairman of the RA SRC, detailing the terms of the loan agreement, noted that it plans to collect about 400 services of the state in 1 electronic platform. "By identifying once and entering the platform, the citizen will be able to receive all the services of state bodies online."