2023 Robert Kocharyan denies 2003 Robert Kocharyan

The office of the second president of RA, Robert Kocharyan, reissued a statement the other day, announcing that he did not leave Karabakh out of the negotiation table. Still, it happened much earlier, before his presidency. However, the Assyrian scribes must successfully correct history with stone inscriptions in the paper and digital age. Radar Armenia presents how the second president of the Republic of Armenia, Robert Kocharyan, explained why Armenia decided to speak instead of Artsakh in an interview given to H1's "Hailur" before the 2003 presidential elections. According to Kocharyan, this was done so the international community could deal with "the approach of the united Armenian people." In other words, today, Robert Kocharyan is trying to deny himself the Robert Kocharyan of 2003.

"Regarding the issue of Karabakh being a negotiating party, yes, now they are making such accusations. But let's try to understand why five years ago, we had a proposal on the table, which the Armenian parties rejected, but was accepted by Azerbaijan. We now suggest that both Armenian parties receive and Azerbaijan does not. That is a very understandable reason. At that time, Armenia said: we will take every option Karabakh agrees to. And there was such an impression that there is only one thing for Armenia, what will be the offer? And oppressing Karabakh or oppressing Armenia, which does not have its position and is ready to accept an unfavorable decision, is much easier. And as a matter of fact, that position also stimulated those pressure tendencies somewhere.

When Armenia clearly stated that it is not indifferent, has its approach, and is ready to take on the burden related to the Nagorno-Karabakh issue, in this case, I also introduced the two Armenian units in the negotiation process, and the situation completely changed.

They no longer deal with an unrecognized state and a wavering Armenia, but with the united Armenian people, the united approach of Armenia, Karabakh, and the Diaspora."