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Life will show who did what for Artsakh and who is selling it


3 February, 9:25

25 years ago, on this day, the first president of RA, Levon Ter-Petrosyan, resigned. In this regard, Radar Armenia presents the text of his resignation.

Dear compatriots,

I have been asked to resign by authorities known to you. Considering that the use of the President's constitutional powers in the current situation is fraught with a severe risk of destabilization of the country, I accept this demand and announce my resignation.

I don't have any comments or evaluations to avoid escalating the situation. I think it's necessary to mention that in the government's crisis, discussing the issue of Artsakh was just an excuse. The problem is much deeper and related to the foundations of statehood, the alternative of peace and war. And life will show who did what for Artsakh and who is selling it.

Nothing extraordinary happened. It's just that the party of peace and dignified reconciliation in Armenia was defeated. It would be best if you did not get into complications. The peace party has been defeated in societies much more advanced than ours, such as Israel. But in Israel and Armenia, it is temporary, just a quick retreat. All the same, sooner or later, peace will pave its way.

I call on you to exercise restraint, preserve the country's peace, and hold legal, civilized elections for the new President. It will be the proof of the maturity of the state we have created together with you in eight years and the guarantee of maintaining the external credit. I wish the new President every success for the benefit and welfare of our people. I express my deep gratitude to you for the trust and support you have shown me in the past years.

I also thank all my comrades-in-arms, who have always been and remain by my side unconditionally. If I accepted the decision to resign, believe me, it means that I considered the alternative more dangerous for our state. If I have done something good, I do not expect any gratitude; I ask for your forgiveness for my wrongdoings and mistakes.

All the best to you.


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