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The treason will never be king, but for now, just another coup


24 September, 20:28

Radar Armenia presents publicist Tigran Hayrapetyan's article "The show must go on or before another coup," authored in April 1999. It refers to the political events of the given period, interpreting them with allegories and evaluating their historical-political nature.

Treason is a grave sin, subject to both earthly and heavenly punishment. In the all-time experience of the psychological analysis, David testifies that once a person overcomes this moral barrier, he becomes a prisoner of the subconscious demand of relapse or recidivism. It is no coincidence that even those who participated in the justified treachery were forced to commit suicide in the ancient and medieval East. It was and remained the only way to break the vicious and ultimately bloody chain of conspiracy. Considering the current level of civilizational self-demoralization, surely the compulsion to commit suicide can be replaced by at least the demand for retirement, even from such a blissful height as the throne of power. Just as a courtesan, while becoming a wonderful wife and mother, will never be crowned with a halo of virtue, so treason will never become a King.

The mad German has given quite a convincing explanation of the origins of the bloodlust of the courtesan who denies self-atonement with humble indulgence and the man who finds self-justification in the betrayal. Yes, the bloodshed of those around you, loved ones and strangers, and later just massive bloodshed is an objective companion to recidivism. Of course, one can pretend that we do not notice the slow beginning of the process. And that's precisely what we do; we act. But beware, dear ladies and gentlemen, by following the leader to the shore with cold cynicism, malevolent enthusiasm, and blunt indifference, you are paving the way for self-destruction. This fermentation threatens to lead to a lot of blood, to take away the Fatherland, the statehood, the memory of the past, and the dream of the future. By substituting the one-headed beast for the many-headed beast, Salvation is not achieved, but stigmatization is achieved. The world knows no deception, much less craftiness disguised as a gimmick, which would pretend to deny the counsel of Revelation. And any professionalism is just the wisdom and grace to follow the Law of the Only One. Even if you turn the whole earth into a prison cell and a prison, even if you recall all your foul-smelling teachings, even if you pour out loot with torn throats, the sky will explode, and the earth will cry that the treason will never be King. This Urartian exile, which you still call Armenia with foolish pride, will spit you out because the land does not tolerate lawless people. And don't be carried away by self-deception that you are performing an equal mission to Caesars or Ivans; you are just arguing.

Don't you see that you have not only nothing to say but nothing to do? And what does void towering have to do with state building? To overcome history, one must, perhaps, love this country and its people more than oneself. Don't go on an attack, don't sacrifice yourself for the Fatherland, and refuse the temptation of the government voluntarily. And for now, long live the next coup, a thousand regrets to the misguided leader, greetings to archdash Alu, victory in the cause Ilyich. And I won't hesitate to repeat it, don't cry later, "Where were you, God?"