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Kocharyan's achievements with the Brezhnev slogan "the quinquennium in three years," Davit Matevosyan, 2006


1 October 2022, 20:28

Radar Armenia presents the article of Davit Matevosyan, a former member of the RA National Assembly, freedom fighter, a participant in the Artsakh Liberation War, and politician, published in the November 11, 2006 issue of the "Haykakan Zhamanak" daily newspaper.

The November 27, 2005, referendum on the amendment of the Constitution, which was organized by the current authorities, differed in terms of falsification of the results by a feature unprecedentedly since the May 30, 1999, National Assembly elections. Those above and subsequent elections were legally different from all the previous ones by changing one key provision: along with the two commission members determined by lot, the candidates' proxies put their signatures on the back of the ballots circulated in the previous elections.

By the way, the idea of ​​changing this key provision was born during the 1998 extraordinary presidential elections, when by persuading, bribing, and threatening, they "managed" to put the signatures of some rival proxies on the back of the ballots placed in illegal circulation. The headache-causing clause was destroyed before the next elections, and the main speaker of the changes in the electoral code was Victor Dallakyan. He justified the need for changes with his extraordinary pathos. After adopting those changes, in the conditions of crippling the institution of proxies and excluding public control, the inconsequential falsification of election results in any instance of election commissions is just a matter of wishful thinking.

The peculiarity of the falsification of the November 27 referendum was that the falsification was mainly carried out in regional committees. It was falsified because an order to falsify was given clear, with responsibility imposed from top to bottom. The subordinates, under the region heads and district heads, assumed the responsibility of ensuring transitory indicators, reshaped in the regions according to the communities, leaving the implementation to the heads of the communities and the criminal authorities. The role of community leaders was highlighted during the local government elections before the referendum, when it became clear that the results did not satisfy the rules in those communities where, under the conditions of nominating the current community leader, preference was given to another candidate.

This means that the government can provide the desired result by deception if the central, regional, and local self-government bodies show a unified approach. Due to the local government leaders' interest, most of the members of the formed commissions appointed by the opposition parties are supporters of the community heads. This is why these commissioners did not follow the parliamentary opposition's calls to boycott the commissions' work before the referendum. At the same time, it seemed to the Prosecutor General of RA that the legal threats he uttered with the world's mouth gave results.

Immediately before the start of the referendum, without taking into account the opinion, with the tacit consent of the leaders of the private pro-government parties nominated by them, the impartial members involved in the committees were replaced by supporters through the mediation of the candidates who lost in the local government elections. As a result, biased committees were formed.

Under the conditions of taking over the task of neutralizing special principled observers by the criminal authorities, a fertile environment for organizing a social competition emerged. Providing 1,515,000 against the required 776,000 participation figure fully corresponds to the Brezhnev slogan, "Five years in three years," and one more thing.

Let's recall how the "permanent residents" indicator of the census results was inflated by the use of the wording "temporary present" in it, which is characterized by the fact that an absent citizen was present at the place of registration for at least one day in the last year. It is kept secret until today because, according to the press, a good part of the absentees of all times was included in the last one to ensure the desired result of the 2003 presidential elections. However, subtracting the aforementioned secret number from the official number of 2.301000 of those who have the right to participate in the polls and recalculating, instead of 65.4 percent of the referendum participation, we will undoubtedly get a Soviet indicator. Meanwhile, in the most exciting and mutually controllable local government elections, when, due to subjective factors, it becomes possible to reduce fraud to a minimum, participation reaches up to 30 percent.

The current composition of election commissions, combined with guiding and supporting forces, which will also carry out the upcoming parliamentary elections, is a tested and encouraged fraud machine. A machine that is programmed to ensure the artificial high rating of its owners and decodes any other command as a password and executes only one program.

The illegal start of the upcoming elections is a given for the critical forces of the government. Prosperous Armenia, identified with Kocharyan, covered the entire territory of the republic with a dense network of hair salons, taking over several functions of the executive power and condominiums. S. Sargsyan's close-knit Republican Party,  by using a particular vaccine to republicanize the heads of regional and local self-government bodies, the directors of educational institutions and schools, however, conditioning its future with the ambitious reproduction of the Minister of Defense, immediately forgetting the fact that it is represented by the government, imitates its predecessor and furnishes school laboratories while showing signs of self-sacrifice. For the sake of the owner's rating. The forces that want to reproduce even with a smaller share than the existing ones revolve around them and make political grimaces. Refraining from other qualifications, let's conditionally call the approach of some oppositionists political naivety, that under the pressure of the international community, they will succeed in the elections in any format.

Possessed by the betrayal of power, "elected" and reproduced by lies, ruling forces with the conqueror's psychology have never been able to organize an ideological competition for the development and strengthening of statehood, citizens' freedom, security, dignity, well-being, and inviolability of property.

A conscious public uprising is the only way to promote the state's and society's development.

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