Radar Interview

"An important, maybe conflict process is starting." Boris Navasardyan (VIDEO)

Boris Navasardyan, the president of the Yerevan press club, will be the guest of Radar Armenia's "Radar chat" program.

He referred to mass media activities, considering the journalist's work in the context of national security issues.

Boris Navasardyan mentioned that USAID has started a big project in Armenia to improve public communication. "The EU will start a program of the same volume in Armenia."

Speaking about sectoral issues, he asked why the official information was delayed, then said that during the war and COVID-19, there were cases when the official information did not correspond to reality.

"Putting that burden on journalists and media is a wrong approach.

I hope that the classes of 2020 will be taken into account.

Media professionals want to stay separate from social media personalities.

They should understand. They are not privileged to live in a separate castle.

It isn't easy to be media literate without being literate.

That process is starting in Armenia. It is a necessary, sometimes conflicting process."

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