Radar Interview

"They also tried to kill Khamenei, but their wing was cut off; they have immunity." Tigran Davudyan (VIDEO)

Iranologist Tigran Davudyan is the guest of Radar Armenia's "Radar Chat" program.

He referred to the possible versions of the death of the Iranian president, foreign minister, and others. He spoke about the developments that will take place in domestic and foreign political life after the election of the new president.

According to Tigran Davudyan, the Iranian president is a secondary figure. "Aliev-Rais agreements will be fulfilled. Azerbaijan will become a target of criticism if any third country has a role in Raisi's death."

The Iranian expert reminds us that the second president of Iran was also killed, and they tried to kill Khamenei, but their wings were cut off. "They have experience; there will be no shocks. Iran is immune to terrorism. I must mention that Iran's regional policy will not change."

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